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Ok, new year, new me. right?
 so... i'm gonna try this. hopefully i can keep it up, but i doubt it. I'm going to try to start my new years resolution. but in order for me to do that, several things have to happen. no more soda is allowed in my life. fml. and no more sugary foods. i want to start eating healthy and working out. this is gonna be ridiculously hard >.< but hopefully i can do it. not so i can fit into a bikini, but so i can feel good about myself. this blog hopefully will help. keep me honest with myself.

Today i will start this new lifestyle - January 7th, 2011. So far, so good. but it's only been the 7th for 35 minutes >.< we'll see. but for the moment. I'm going to finish reading my story and go to bed. i'm tired. and today's gonna be a long day for me. i can already feel it. >.<


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