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meh... January 8th, and i still haven't done shit for my new lifestyle... woke up around noon today, don't really feel like working out. maybe i still will. but i did have a carrot and celery stick for breakfast - along with a coke. i work tonight as well, so hopefully i'll take my free subway employee meal and make something healthy. a turkey on wheat sounds good. but it also doesn't help when i'm craving everything from steak to english toffee. >.<

on the bright side of things, my boy comes home from the quad cities today! ^_^ i can't wait to see him tomorrow, hopefully! it's really bad when i've only been dating him for 4 months, but i still miss him this much. and even after 4 months, i'm still this excited to see him... i guess that's a good thing, especially when i was never excited to see my last boyfriend. o.O i don't know, it's still too early for me to think clearly.

6 more weeks until i get my 3rd ear piercing! ^_^ and i can't wait until i get my cartilage pierced too!!!! over spring break, i'll hopefully get my nose pierced! baby steps, but this is the 1st time i've ever gone against my parents and pierced/tattooed a body part that wasn't my lower ear lobes. o.O my tattoo will definitely have to wait until i can spare 60 or so bucks. maybe a birthday present for myself? *shrugs* who knows. 

Well, that's all that's on my mind right now... meh, i need to wake up some more, i think i might work out for a few minutes. just to prove that i can. *nodnod* have a good one!


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